Home Staging
What is Home Staging?
Nowadays, if you want to sell your house quickly and for top dollar, a coat of paint and a good cleaning aren’t enough. To create that unforgettable first impression that makes a buyer want to live there, you’ve got to romance it a little, and that’s where Home Staging comes in.
A professional Home Stager will assess your home objectively, and work to maximize assets and minimize flaws. This might include de-cluttering problem areas, adding or rearranging furniture and accessories, fixing minor repairs and then dressing up the décor to create a beautiful, inviting space.
Home Staging is about illusions; it’s about perfecting the art of creating moods. Home Staging makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner, warmer and best of all it makes buyers want to buy it!
With more people becoming internet savvy, 94% of buyers aged 25-45 are using the internet to search for homes. Homes today are being eliminated from the “must see” list based on photographs from MLS or the internet. Professional Home Staging is key to the quality of those photos.

A Professional Home Staging Consultation with The Design Chic includes:
  • Organization of items; what to showcase and what to put in storage
  • Furniture, Art and Accessory arrangement
  • Minor repairs and paint touch ups
  • Lighting improvement
  • Recommendations for furniture and accessory rentals (if needed), costs and process

How Does Home Staging Benefit Realtors?
  1. It puts your properties in turn-key condition making them top competitors on the market
  2. Savvy sellers increasingly look for realtors who use professional stagers, as it gives them confidence that you are doing everything possible to sell their house
  3. Faster sales at higher list prices – mean less marketing expense for you and higher commissions
  4. A 3rd party opinion will ensure you get a beautifully staged home without endangering your relationship with your client
  5. It builds your reputation among other realtors. They know your properties view the best and create long and lasting impressions